Will regulating fintech stifle innovation?

Video Summary

Fintech spurred on an onslaught of new regulations but are they becoming more of a headache than a help? Two leaders battle it out from both a startup and banking perspective.


Kathryn has spent the past 20 years working with startups and established companies focused on credit, payments, technology and ecommerce. Kathryn and her co-founders started Kabbage in 2009, and they have provided more than $600 million to SMBs.

Prior to Kabbage, Kathryn was with Revolution Money, an Internet-based credit card startup based in St. Petersburg, FL, serving as Vice President of Strategy. Previously, Kathryn was a corporate development executive with CompuCredit Corporation.

She spent the early dotcom years with several Internet startups, including US Web and WorthKnowing.com.

She holds a B.A. in English Lit. from Furman University.

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